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feelin this right now.

I’m so sexy, remain a mystery
Cause everybody always want what they can’t see
And what they can’t have and what they can’t grab
And what they can’t buy and baby that’s me!

Keep callin’ me, callin’ me, callin’ me baby
Keep callin’ me, callin’ me, callin’ me baby
Keep callin’ me, callin’ me, callin’ me baby

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A man that can do pull ups….

A man that could teach me how to do a pull up…


You know what I realized yesterday?

I fucking hate my work. I dislike it for many reasons but what finally threw me off the edge was people I work with telling me what I should do to my face. I work at a spa and everyones always saying how into our outer appearance we are and blah blah blah. I already know I cant relate. I am pretty close with the massage therapists and the estheticians. I converse with them comfortably. They do their job and recommend products and treatments that might help people and sometimes I ask their opinion on what might work for me.

However, yesterday someone at work told me all these things I should be doing to my face and that with what Im doing now Im going to regret not doing so and when it hits its going to be all at once and its going to be terrible. Well…what if I want a fucking terrible looking face??? I mean I dont but I dont want to spend hours and money on my face to be accepted into your dumb ass league of bitches who just care about your looks way too much. I dont care about what you think about me. I dont care because Im pretty to myself as is and I dont need you telling what I need to do to be prettier or to stay pretty. I want to roll around in dirt and sand and grass and get all my pores or whatever clogged with lifes air that is fresh and lovely and I will enjoy getting them clogged. THANK YOU. 

UGH. Im over this. 

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Damn that penis is PINK!


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I call this series “bitch gets supah artsy after a bad day and starting to kill a bottle of pino by herself cause fuck…man shes sad and thats just her way of coping. She use to want to cut and then she stopped herself cause thats in her past. Same with smoking a cig…hbut red wine has always been good to her “